Read the Views of Our Customers

Paul Ingram

Trealy farm black pudding & Blaenavon cheeses (Taffy apple) best I've tasted.


August 14th

Nigel Legg

The goat meat was excellent in a casserole,hoping to try the gluten free sausages tonight.cant wait to get some more goat meat again.


July 4th

Rhiannon Hiscox

We had some fantastic rib-eye and sirloin steak from square farm shop last weekend.


May 26th

Jay Goodway

I bought some goat sausages, I have never tried them before and honestly 

they were the best sausage I have ever eaten. I Will definitely 

buy them again. Since then I have had their pork chops they are simply yumminess, 

tender, juicy & so full of flavor. The eggs are the golden yellow they should be & again so full of flavor.


August 13th

Jenny Davis

Square farm shop is a real gem just waiting to be discovered.

Mitchel Troy

March 21st

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